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“Malibu’s Safest, Quickest & Cheapest Junk Removal Service.”

Our junk team stands ready to handle the toughest, oddest junk removal projects, or just clean out your garage or side yard. Regardless of the size or complexity of the project, we can do it. Simply point to what you want removed. We are full-service, doing all the sorting, recycling, and disposal for you. Providing service to residential and commercial clients in Malibu, California, we are the quickest, cheapest, and easiest way to regain your space. 

Our cleanup crew will take on any size and any type of  cleanup project. We have the ability to cleanup and haul-away virtually anything and  in most cases, we are less expensive than a rental trash container. No Surprises. We inform you up front how much it will cost. Our expert crew will  Cleanup, Remove, and Dispose of all types of waste Our courteous staff will arrive at your location, and even leave the place broom swept for you!

We will Haul-Away almost anything!..Bulky Items, Yard Waste, Household Garbage, Old Furniture, Junk, Exercise Equipment, Trash, Appliances, Carpet, Clutter, Green Waste, Brush, Grass, Wood, Weeds, Branches, Lawn Sod, Sand, Asphalt, Bricks, Concrete, Dirt, Stucco, Cinder Blocks, Tile, Stone, Gravel, Construction Debris, Flooring, Plaster, Acoustic Ceiling, Cardboard, Roofing, Steel, Drywall, Cabinets, Bathroom Fixtures,  Water Heaters, Rubbish, Demolition Waste, Hot Tubs, Play Grounds, Patios, Sheds, Decks, Fencing, Household Hazardous Waste, (HHW), Electronics (e-Waste), Refrigerators, Monitors, Televisions, Computers, Batteries, Microwaves, Tires, Paint, Aerosol Chemicals, Used Oils, Fertilizers, Pesticides, Insulation, Flourescent Lamps, Really. almost Anything…  Our  staff  will do the complete removal and disposal.


About Us:  


Roman Hauling Company

Malibu, CA 90265

Phone: (310) 462-9051


What We Do!

Roman Hauling; 

is a Local full-service junk removal company. Our service consists of removing all types of garbage from inside or outside any property where ever the disposable items are located; in closets, basements, attics, garages, sheds, storage units or any where possible. We do all the cleanup, hauling and disposal.

Whatever your need in Malibu, CA and Surrounding Area, we will remove your garbage for you!  One man’s garbage is another man’s trash! Whatever you may call it,  Roman Hauling  will haul it away.  We’ll take out the garbage. However large or small the pile of trash is, we provide the best service from start to sweep.

No matter how simple and innocent a project might seem, weather it’s clearing the attic or garage, replacing an old roof or a major renovation, it can become a real danger! for someone who is not qualified or experienced.  On any given project you will find real hazards such as sharp objects, items of unusual weight, toxic chemicals and dangerous critters just to name a few. These type of hazards can cause the unaware and inexperienced to seriously get hurt. That is why it is of utmost importance to hire someone who knows all the hazards and follows every proper procedure to avoid any type of injury, for the employee, the customer and the general public. (read more) in our Safety PolicyWe are Licenced and Insured.  Plus, we offer the best service along with unbeatable rates. Guaranteed.

Our trucks are the perfect size for any size task, from single item mcollection to huge renovation and construction site cleanups. We offer free estimates as well as customizing to your needs.  If you need garbage cleanup service in Malibu, contact us! , Roman Hauling has the experience and expertise to get the job done right.  Call (310) 462-9051  - Malibu, CA  area



How Do We Price? 

We will Beat Any Hauler’s Price by 30% or More!

We charge by volume, not by the time it takes us to remove your garbage. Our truck teams are dispatched to the job, we are scheduled to do work at and give an on the spot free estimate. Our truck team will confirm the price with you before they begin collecting your trash.  We do the work right then and there or reschedule for a better time that better suits our customers needs. Remember we are a full service; we do all the sorting, loading and disposal; just sit back  and  reclaim your space.    



Areas of Expertise:

What Do We Do?

1) We remove the things you don’t need.  We take away almost anything - from old furniture, appliances and electronics to yard waste and renovation debris.

2) You just point to what you want removed. We will then review our price list with you and give you a clear estimate on your job.

3) We do all the cleanup and disposal, wherever  the items are located.


 Open 7 days a week

“We truly are the Best Service in Malibu, California.”

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Note: It is illegal to dump solid waste such as trash, garbage, appliances, furniture, pallets, yard waste, tires and any type of construction and demolition material such as roofing materials, structural lumber, windows and doors.  Illegal dumping is any unauthorized disposal of waste on any public or private property. Usually, people dump illegally to avoid collection and disposal fees, or because they believe proper disposal is just “too much trouble.”   We each can do our part to help Los Angeles County combat this ongoing problem.
You are asked to report illegal dumping that occurs anywhere in Los Angeles County.
Trash and garbage are ideal environments for rats, mice and other rodents, ticks, flies and mosquitoes that, in many cases, transmit diseases. In addition, illegally dumped material causes heightened risk of physical injury from contact with broken glass, sharp metal, and other waste. It becomes a community eyesore, decreases neighborhood property values and negatively impacts plants and wildlife. Decaying garbage and yard waste create unpleasant odors, and harm our environment. Many materials that are dumped contain toxic or hazardous substances that could threaten surface or groundwater supplies. In general, lowers the quality of life for L.A. County’s residents
Illegal dumping occurs  along secondary roads, utility right-of-ways, watercourses, on abandoned lots, in open fields, near construction sites, and along railroad tracks. Many times the owner is unaware that the dumping is occurring. However, the property owner is ultimately responsible for the proper disposal of any solid waste deposited on his/her property.
If  you see someone dumping or  know of a site that seems to be a problem,  call the Los Angeles County Environmental Programs Division at  (888) Clean-LA
Malibu, CA